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Hell, what's five bucks?
Cabo Bob's MEXICAN SLANG 101 © is the ultimate guide to Spanish slang as spoken in Mexico. This slim, but potent, book allows you to:

Be Cool!
Fake Multiculturism!
Make Friends!
Impress Dates!
Get Your Ass Arrested!
Be the Hippest Gringo at your Beach or Bar!
And, of course, mucho, mucho mas.
Not to mention the social learning aspects, natch. Or that the inimitable MEXICAN SLANG 101 ™ is a perfect souvenir and a way hip gift. Chock full o' words and phrases invaluable to the student, tourist, vagabond, poseur or undesirable alien.

Just as a sample of the nuggets of potentially explosive information therein, if you want to convey--to a Mexican, you understand--the concept of "cool" or "awesome" or "phat" or "fly" or "dope" or whatever word of the week in Gringo slang, just take a gander at PAGE 3, where you'll find a gamut of words from chido to padrisimo.

On the other hand, if "bummer" is more on your mind, or "wotta drag" or "bogus" or "that sucks," just flip to PAGE 8, to find all the many synonyms of gacho.

Forget that ¿Como esta Usted? jazz...you can come on with the equivalent of "Happenin', homey?". Right there on PAGE 1.
Wanna say, "let's pound some brewskis"? Flip to PAGE 33.
"Gimme some head?" PAGE 49. "Take it off", or "party animal", check out PAGE 31.
Trying to figure out what the hell me vale madre means? Over on PAGE 22.
Sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll? CHAPTER SEVEN.
And don't forget the insults, on PAGE 69. Cabo Bob customers should aspire to getting beaten up and jailed: it builds character and vocabulary.

Available online or, in San Diego, at THE BLACK in Ocean Beach

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P.S...Don't miss Cabo Bob's long-awaited next book, MEXICAN JOKES 102 ® for the lighter side of learning the language. Sneak preview samples here.

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